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No. 1340 Winery & Tank Farm Disposal NZ

Winery and Tank Farm Disposal       Hawkes Bay New Zealand

The following/remaining inventory is available for sale and removal Hawkes Bay NZ.

Enquiries and expressions of interest for all or part of the inventory are welcome.

All Sales are by negotiation and subject to dismantle and extraction.


  • Industrial Brokers Ltd.
  • Ed O’Donnell
  • 0274 442 944

Terms and conditions

  • Plant & Equipment is offered “as is where is”.
  • No warranties or guarantees are offered.
  • Sale & Purchase Agreement applies.
  • All sales are subject to and conditional upon dismantle and extraction
  • Loading and freight are at the Purchasers expense.
  • Onsite inspections welcome by appointment only. (unmanned site
  • All on site visitors PPE requirements: steel cap boots, high vis jacket


Inventory including foodgrade stainless tanks;

Item       Ref     Ltrs                                          Description  
Tank ETO1301-2 2 x 130000 4.2d id x 9.6h plus top .500, double skin insulated, cooling, plinth mounted side door , top door,  o  
Tank ETO2701-11 11 x 27000 3.5d x 3h, 3.7h o/a single skin , dimple plate cooling 1.5w around, flat floor with sump, top door only o
Tank VOF00601-4 1 x 26000 Red Fermenters 4 x 6500ltr,  each 1.8x1.8x2deep, overall system 2w x 8long, 3.2h, single skin, o
Tank ETO2501-5 5 x 25000 3d x 4.2h o/a, single skin, spiral channel cooling, side door, top vent .300, plinth mounted 2 are insulated i
Tank ETO1306-7 2 x 13000 2.3d x 3.6h, double skin insulated tank, plinth mounted, top door only o
Tank ETO1201-10 10 x 12000 2.2d x 3.7h o/a, single skin, spiral channel cooling, side door, top door, plinth mounted i
Tank ET00601-5678 5 x 6000 1.7d x 3.5h o/a, single skin, dimple plate cooling .900w full length of tank, conical bottom, side door, top door o
Tank ETO513 1 x 4000 1.8d x 2.5h, single skin, top door,  i
Tank VM33 1 x 4000 1.8d x 2.5h single skin, top door, insulation wrap. i
Tank VTROORRT 1 x 3000 1.83d x 3h, single skin, top door i
Tank ET0O501-3 3 x 5000 2d x 3.4h o/a , double skin insulated 100mm, side door, top vent/lid, racking valve i
Tank ETOO131-2 2 x 1200 1d x 2h i
    Destemmer Delta Bucher E25
    Destemmer Diemme Kappa25   15t/hr  1999 i
    Must pump Must pump i
    Compressor Atlas Copco GA118KW i
    Compressor Atlas Copco GA374KW i
    Receival Bin 15ton o
    Press Bucher RPZ140 i