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Item ref: 1820
2 x 100hl BBT SOLD (Beer Tank)

SOLD 2 x 100HL BBT tanks, 11527ltr total vol, DME, 2.260d x 4.255h overall, jacketed, cooling,2013,…more


Item ref: 1819
5 kegs (Keg)

Surplus 2 x 50ltr & 3 x 30ltr kegs, excellent condition, great for wine overflow or beer, D stems, …more


Item ref: 1818
2500ltr (Beer Tank)

T1, 2500LTR, 1.2d x 2.5h, single skin, side door,ex beer tank, located CHCH,, 0274 42…more


Item ref: 1817
1 x 2200ltr (Beer Tank)

T2,2200ltr, 1d x 3.2h, single skin, side door,ex beer tank, located CHCH,, 0274 442 94…more


Item ref: 1816
1 x 2000ltr (Beer Tank)

T3, 2000ltr , single skin, side door, 1d x 3h overall, ex beer tank located CHCH, 027…more


Item ref: 1815
5 x 6000ltr (Stainless Steel Tank)

5 x 6000ltr stainless wine tanks good condition, 1.7d x 3.5h, single skin, side door,top vent, coni…more


Item ref: 1814
26,000ltr  (Stainless Steel Tank)

26,000ltr system 4 x 6500ltr square tanks, each 1.8 x 1.8 x 2deep, overall system 2w x 8long, 3.2h …more


Item ref: 1813
2 x 9000ltr (Stainless Steel Tank)

2 x 9000ltr, foograde stainless tanks, max fill 10000ltr, 2.35d x 2.74h o/a, single skin, side doo…more


Item ref: 1812
2500ltr open top SOLD (Vat )

2500ltr stainless open top tank, single skin, butterfly lids, side mixer etc, central north island,…more


Item ref: 1811
2 x 4000ltr (Stainless Steel Tank)

2 x 4000ltr foodgrade stainless tanks, 1.7d x 2.6h o/a, single skin, side door, top door, conical f…more


Item ref: 1810
2 x 2273ltr SOLD (Stainless Steel Tank)

SOLD 2 x 2273ltr, 1.2d x 2.5long, single skin, full manway, pressure rated, clean foodgrade tanks,…more


Item ref: 1809
Ammonia Tank (Stainless Steel Tank)

16500ltr, stainless tank with design plate, 2d x 7mtr h, test pressure to 15bar, however was design…more


Item ref: 1808
1 x 2000ltr (Wine Tank)

1 x 2000ltr wine tank, 1.2d x 2.2h, single skin, conical floor, racking valve, no cooling, Auckland…more


Item ref: 1805
2 x 4300ltr BBT SOLD (Beer Tank)

SOLD 2 x 40HL 4300ltr gross vol BBT, 1.7od d x 3.280h o/a, 2bar,double skin insulated 75mm, coolin…more


Item ref: 1804
5000ltr (Stainless Steel Tank)

5000ltr stainless tank used for wine, 1.6d x 3long, on skid, single skin, top door, valve, good con…more


Item ref: 1801
3 x 10250ltr (Wine Tank)

3 x 10250ltr red wine tanks, 2.33d, 4.13h, double skin insulated, enclosed, dimple cooling, side do…more


Item ref: 1800
3 x 11250ltr (Wine Tank)

3 x 11250ltr, 2d x 4.6h, single skin, dimple cooling, conical floor, side door, top lid, built by…more


Item ref: 1799
4 x 10000ltr  (Wine Tank)

4 x 10,000ltr 2.33d x 3.55h o/a, single skin, dimple cooling, conical floor, side door , top vent, …more


Item ref: 1798
4 x 9000ltr (Wine Tank)

4 x 9000ltr , 2d x 4.65h, single skin, dimple cooling, side door, top lid,flat floor to front Auckl…more


Item ref: 1797
3 x 7350ltr (Wine Tank)

3 x 7350ltr 2.33d x 2.65h, single skin, dimple cooling, insulated, conical floor, side door , top v…more


Item ref: 1796
5 x 6350ltr (Wine Tank)

5 x 6350ltr 2.33d x 2.35h, single skin, dimple cooling, insulated, conical floor, side door , top v…more


Item ref: 1795
5 x 5350ltr (Wine Tank)

5 x 5350ltr 2.33d x 2.1h, single skin, dimple cooling, insulated, conical floor, side door , top ve…more


Item ref: 1794
11,200ltr Wine tank (Wine Tank)

1 x 11200ltr open stainless wine tank , 2.35d x 3.37h overall, new unused with drawings,2mm SS304 T…more


Item ref: 1792
6 x 2200ltr (Beer Tank)

6 x 2200ltr ex stainless beer tanks, single skin, dish floor, side door, pressure rated 1bar, Chris…more


Item ref: 1779
Tank farm disposal Apr 21 (Stainless Steel Tank)

Stainless wine tanks. Outside 2 x 130kltr, 11 x 27kltr, 5 x 6kltr, 2 x 13kltr, Inside 5 x 25kltr…more


Item ref: 1737
30000ltr (Stainless Steel Tank)

30000ltr tank, 2.875d x 7.580h, single skin, bottom third insulated, side door, ladder, ex dairy, n…more


Item ref: 1717
2 x 130000ltr Wine Tanks  (Stainless Steel Tank)

2 x 130000ltr wine tanks, 4.3d od x 10.4h o/a, insulated, dimple cooling, plinth mounted, side door…more


Item ref: 1713
2 x 13000ltr ETO1306 & 07 (Stainless Steel Tank)

2 x 13000ltr wine tanks, 2.3d x 3.6h o/a, double skin insulated, plinth mounted, top door only, Haw…more


Item ref: 1711
10 x 12000ltr Wine tanks (Stainless Steel Tank)

10 x 12000ltr wine tanks, 2.2d x 3.7h o/a, single skin, plinth mounted or basket legs, spiral cooli…more


Item ref: 1710
5 x 25000ltr Wine tanks (Stainless Steel Tank)

5 x 25000ltr wine tank, 3d x 4.2h o/a, single skin, plinth mounted, spiral cooling, side door , top…more


Item ref: 1708
11 x 27000ltr (Stainless Steel Tank)

11 x 27000ltr identical,3.5d x 3.7h o/a,wine tanks,single skin, flat floor, draining via middle sum…more


Item ref: 1645
1000ltr Kettle (Kettle)

1000ltr kettle 1.25d x 2.030h, new unused with drawings, electric elements, WA contact Ed O'Donnel…more


Item ref: 1617
1 x 25000ltr (Stainless Steel Tank)

D1 25000ltr, 2.4d x 6.5h, single skin, side door, top door, plinth mounted Auckland 02…more


Item ref: 1616
1 x 38900ltr (Stainless Steel Tank)

D2 38900ltr 2.8d x 7h, single skin, side door, top door, plinth mounted, Auckland 0274…more


Item ref: 1615
1 x 23000ltr (Stainless Steel Tank)

F15 2.5d x 6.3h, single skin, side door, top door, plinth mounted Auckland 0274 442 9…more


Item ref: 1556
6 x 108,000ltr & 7 x 54000ltr (Wine Tank)

6 x 108000ltr,4.12d x 9.76h o/a, (8.25barrel plus top door and roof 1.5)Single skin, 4 have cooling…more


Item ref: 1515
3 x 10,000ltr SOLD (Wine Tank)

ex wine tanks 3 x 10000ltr, 2d x 3.5h overall, single skin, side door, top door, conical bottom, Wa…more


Item ref: 1513
7000ltr ,F2 (Wine Tank)

6800 - 7000ltr, 1.67d x 3barrel, legs .400, single skin, side door,conical bottom Auckland contact …more


Item ref: 1506
5500ltr ref pved (Wine Tank)

5700ltr, 1.4d x 3.6barrel, conical bottom, side door, top door, Auckland contact Ed 0274 442 944


Item ref: 1480
9000ltr (Wine Tank)

9000ltr 2 d x 3h as new flat floor to front, side manway and top vent Auckland 0274 442 944 ed@obl…more