No. 1330 SOLD 2400ltr 'Turn-Key' Micro Brewery NZ

(20BBL) 2400ltr gas fired brewery 2016/17  SOLD

Great opportunity, (located North Island New Zealand)

For Sale

As new micro-brewery, set up for two brews per day. 

Includes  Mash Tun, Lauter, Kettle/Whirlpool, HLT, CLT, Glycol,

4 x Fermenters/Unitanks (40BBL) 4800ltr working, 6000ltr gross vol.

1 x BBT (40BBL) 4800ltr working, 5800ltr gross vol.


Numerous other equipment such as: keg washer, keg filler, lab meters,

gas burners, filters, DE filter, CIP, glycol heater,

compressor, mill, forklift, chiller, heat exchanger, brewer’s platform,

mobile stairs, pumps, regulators, kegs, glycol refrigeration,

all spares, cellar door, office etc


Bottling: completely refurbished bottling machine rinser-14, filler-12, crowner-4,

dryer, labeller, conveyors, sorting table, 2000bph, change parts for 330ml and 500ml.


Dismantle and Packing

The dimensions of tanks etc are such that can be packed into 40ft containers for

relocation as required (approx. estimate for bulk of plant above is 5 x 40ft containers)

  • The plant is connected and operational in excellent condition.
  • It is available either for sale & relocation, or purchase on site and take over lease.
  • Brewer/Engineer is available to discuss technical info, inspections welcome by appointment.


Industrial Brokers Ltd

Ed O’Donnell

NZ Cell +64 (0) 274 442 944


Terms and Conditions

  • Plant and Equipment is offered on an “as is, where is” basis.
  • No warranties or guarantees are offered.
  • Highest or any offer will not necessarily be accepted.
  • Drawings/documentation available where/if possible.
  • Substantial inventory part offers may be considered.
  • Sale and Purchase Agreement applies to all sales.
  • Inspection is welcome by appointment, contact Industrial Brokers Ltd.
  • Dismantle and Packing is at the Purchaser’s expense unless otherwise agreed.
  • Site visits PPE as required, high vis, boots, COVID19 compliance.


Brief inventory ..........(more detailed specifications & documentation available on request)

Brewhouse,FV, BBT, fabricated by Tiantai

Mill Grain Mill 500 - 800kg/hr
Mash Tun 20BBL 2400ltr 1.76d x 3h (3471ltr gross vol )
Kettle/Whirlpool 20BBL 2400ltr 1.76d x 3.1h (3471ltr gross vol)
Lauter 20BBL 2400ltr 1.76d x 3.1h  (3390ltr gross vol)
HLT 3500ltr  + 15% headspace 1.9d x 3.2h  (4660tr  gross vol)
CLT 3500ltr + 10% headspace 1.86d x 2.5h (3500tr gross vol)
Glycol 3000ltr  + 10% headspace 1.56d x 2.55h (3370ltr gross vol)
Fermenter/Unitank 40BBL 4800ltr + 25% headspace 1.76d x 4.467h overall ( 6049ltr gross vol )
Fermenter/Unitank 40BBL 4800ltr + 25% headspace 1.76d x 4.467h overall ( 6049ltr gross vol )
Fermenter/Unitank 40BBL 4800ltr + 25% headspace 1.76d x 4.467h overall ( 6049ltr gross vol )
Fermenter/Unitank 40BBL 4800ltr + 25% headspace 1.76d x 4.467h overall ( 6049ltr gross vol )
Bright Beer 40BBL 4800ltr + 25% headspace 1.76d x 3.98h overall ( 5800ltr gross vol )
Heat Exchanger Cooling area 25m2
Brewers Platform ss integrated stairs and ladder
Brewhouse controls Brewhouse control cabinet
Fermenter controls Fermenter control cabinet
CIP CIP vessel tri-clover fittings
Compressor Air compressor
Filter Carbon water filter and UV steriliser
Filter DE filter Velo FBS2 pump motor reconditioned
Gas Balfur 20G gas burners x 2 for kettle and HLT
Glycol Glycol heating unit for heating wort in FV
Glycol Refrig units 2 15400Kcal/8hp  1.2x.72x1.3
Hoses Beer hoses X 4 1.5tri clover
Keg Filler single station  30-40 kegs/hr
Keg Washer two station keg rinser  20 -30 kegs/hr  dimensions 1.7x1.3x1.5h
Kegs 100x 50 litre Frankie Kegs D stem
LAB Zham  series 1000 CO2 meter and bottle piercing system
LAB Beverly Dissolved Oxygen meter ( DO meter)
LAB Anton Paar DMA 35 density meter
Lifting Pallet Jack
Mobile Stairs Rolling stairs 3.5 to top rail
Pallet racking Pallet racking and shelves
Pump Diaphragm pump used for BBT - bottling and keg filler
Pump Floor submersible pump
Pump Portable CIP pump and CIP hose 6mtr
Pump  glycol   
Pumps mash, wort, hlt
regulator O2 regulator for wort oxygenation
regulator CO2 regulators hi flow for bottling machine , keg washing filling
Spares Various
Chiller Chiller 2.3 x 4.68 internal with refrig unit & blowers
Forklift Komatsu electric 1.8T forklift
Bottling   Rinser 14, Filler 12, Crowner 4, Dryer, Labeller,  Sort table,  Conveyors 2000bph 330ml & 500ml
Bottling   Air knives pair
Bottling   Body labels only
Bottling   New 3 head drying station
Bottling   New vacuum belt labeller
Bottling   Totally rebuilt and reconditioned
Bottling   bottling line footprint 6 x 4mtr
Office Office furniture
Events Two tap insulated pouring systems 4
Events Cellar door 8 tap pouring system with drip tray
Events Cellar door 3kW IR heater
Events Cellar door fridge
Events Cellar door bar
Events Portable bar
Events Event chairs 50
Events Event tables 8
Events Gazebos 3

Bottling notes

Bottling manufacturer Jinri Machinery China 2012, 14-12-4, set up for 330ml and change parts for 500ml

was originally located in Christchurch and installed by Sutton Engineering

Since purchase,  the new owners have fully refurbished the machine

now capable of 2000bph.

The dryer was added and matched from another local brewery.

The vacuum belt labeller this installed 2020 using the label feeder from the original system

although it can also run as per the original setup without the belt but it wasn’t so good for the 500ml bottles.




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Fermenters ..


Floor Plan


Mash Tun






Pressure ratings