No. 1328 6 x 2200ltr ex nz beer tanks

6 x 2200ltr ex beer tanks  (rare) South Island NZ

Stainless tanks, single skin, side door, valves, dish floor, ex pressure beer tanks 1bar,

xmas tree, NO cooling jacket.

These tanks came out of Harrington breweries and were to be put into service at another

brewery however a change of plan now make these surplus to requirement.

most are 2200ltr but some are higher vol.

Often used for beer, cider, wine, juice, distilling


1 TR4 1.1d x 2.5h
2 BB21 1.1d x 2.5h
3 3 1.1d x 2.3h
4   1.1d x 3.3h
5   1.1d x 2.6h
6 SL1 1d x 3h