No. 1321 Brewery 5000ltr SOLD

50HL Brewery Victoria Australia   SOLD

The following complete brewhouse plant and equipment is now surplus to requirement available for sale and relocation.

The plant is still connected and ceased operating Feb 2020, the owners have moved to their

new premises & larger plant & equipment.

The plant  produces constantly 200,000ltr per month and is fully operational/serviced

can be viewed by appointment. Brewer & management available to discuss technical.

The bottling line is still operating and can be viewed on a bottling day by arrangement.

The owners will consider ALL offers

  • “as a lot”


  • The Brewhouse ( part offers will be considered )
  • Bottling (available now )


  • Ed O'Donnell
  • +64 (0) 274 442 944
  • 04 87 26 99 60

Inventory includes


  • Mill Auger and grist case
  • Mash/lauter 120HL steam jacket
  • Kettle 90HL steam jacket
  • Whirlpool 90HL
  • HLT 90HL steam coil
  • CLT 40HL
  •  SOLD 4 x 11000ltr  (max vol)  FV pressure rated, 2016  2.3d x 4.56h o/a, design pressure 1.5bar.
  • Controls PLC/Scada system 2013 (also control cellar)
  • Steam Boiler
  • Heat Exchanger Alpha Laval dual phase
  • Water Filter
  • Brewers platform mezzanine catwalks & stairs
  • Brine tank 5000ltr
  • Carrier fluid chiller
  • DE Filter
  • Plate & Frame filter
  • Trade Waste system
  • Keg washer 2 head
  • Spent grain pump
  • Various stainless pumps
  • Pipework
  • Spares…

Bottling Line

  • Leibinger Mulima L, 2014 Rinser, Filler, Crowner 12/12/4, 3500bph
  • Aztro Inline Labeller Necks and Body
  • Associated Conveyors
  • Pallet lifters x 2
  • Carton Tapers x 2
  • Change parts of 330ml and 650ml
  • Westrock cluster packer (leased)


The Brewhouse is 1988 rebuilt 2013 with a scada system and automation

hardware (pumps, valves, steam)

Bottling line can be viewed operating available Sept 2020

subject to installation of the new replacement line.

Exisitng line operates constantly at 2200bph

Owners engineer can assist with the dismantle and loadout of the plant for fee