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P&F 40x40x40
Plate and Frame 40x40x40

Letina plate & frame filter 40x40x40, VF440, 2013, serial 07301, with diversion plates can filter 2…more

Pall Filter
Pall Filter Housing SOLD

Pall 16inch lenticular filter housing, new unused, P16-04 E00T CD2-5, 1.74m H, 606lpm, with 4 x Su…more

DE Filter 8.4sq mtr
DE Filter 8.4sq mtr

Bucher Filtrox DE Filter 2013, 8.4sq mtr, Melbourne contact Ed ODonnell 0274 442 944

3sq mtr DE Filter
DE 3sq mtr SOLD

SOLD Spadoni DCBL80 3sq mtr DE Filter, used regular for last 3 years in brewery very well maintaine…more

SOLD DE 5sq mtr

Spadoni 5sq mtr DE Filter, 2008 Hawkes Bay 0274 442 944

18m3 DE Filter
DE 18sq mtr

Padovan 18m3 DE Filter, 1998, Green c 18mq, Hawkes Bay contact Ed O'Donnell 0274 442 944 ed@ibl.c…more

40x40x20 SOLD

SOLD Plate & Frame 40x40x20 Auckland contact Ed ODonnell 0274 442 944

Plate & Frame Filter
Plate & Frame SOLD

SOLD Plate & frame Filter last product wine 40x40x20 Auckland contact Ed ODonnell 0274 442 944 e…more

Carlson 40x40
P&F 40x40

Carlson Plate & Frame Filter 40x40, contact Ed O'Donnell 0274 442 944

Plate & Frame SOLD

Spadoni Plate & Frame Filter 40x40x30,located Melbourne

ref 9/7104
Plate & Frame SOLD

SOLD Spandoni Orvieto 2000 40x40x20 Plate & Frame Filter Model KAPPA Serial 8943 yr2000 South Is…more