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DE 10sq mtr
DE Filter 10sq mtr Hawkes Bay

10 sq mtr Velo 2003, FVF10, V10804, ex Hawkes Bay winery contact 0274 442 944

DE Filter 10sq mtr
DE 10 Sq Mtr Sdy

Della Toffola DE Filter 2005 model. Approx 50hL/hr, 10m3 of filtration area. Modified with vacuum…more

DE Filter 3sq mtr
DE Filter Hawkes Bay

DE Filter 3sq mtr Velo Hastings contact Ed ODonnell 0274442944,

DE Filter 8.4sq mtr
DE Filter 8.4sq mtr Mel AU

Bucher Filtrox DE Filter 2013, 8.4sq mtr, Melbourne contact Ed ODonnell 0274 442 944

18m3 DE Filter
DE 18sq mtr Hawkes Bay

Padovan 18m3 DE Filter, 1998, Green c 18mq, Hawkes Bay contact Ed O'Donnell 0274 442 944 ed@ibl.c…more