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Item ref: 1789
2 x 12000ltr  (Wine Tank)

2 x 12000ltr EFO1201 & EFO1202, stainless wine tanks 2.5d x 4.1h o/a, single skin, side door , top …more


Item ref: 1787
2 x 10000ltr SOLD (Stainless Steel Tank)

2 x 10,000 2.3d x 2.7h o/a wine tanks, dimple cooling, 2005, purpose-built,316ss, full size dimple …more


Item ref: 1786
3 x 1200, 1 x 2200 (Beer Tank)

3 x 1200ltr, 1d x 2h, 2 x 600ltr SOLD .900d x 1.5h, 1 x 2200ltr 1d x 2.4h 1 x 1700ltr horizontal 1…more


Item ref: 1785
4 x 11,000ltr (Fermenter Tank)

4 x 11,000(max vol)FV pressure rated, 2016, 2.3d x 4.560h overall, 60degree conical bottoms,jackete…more


Item ref: 1784
2 x 28,000ltr (Wine Tank)

2 x 28000ltr, stainless tanks ex wine, 3d x 4.7h, single skin, side door, top vent, dish floor, no …more


Item ref: 1778
5 x 6000ltr (Wine Tank)

5 x 6000ltr stainless wine tanks good condition, 1.7d x 3.5h, single skin, side door,top vent, coni…more


Item ref: 1777
2 x 1250ltr SOLD (Stainless Steel Tank)

2 x 1250ltr stainless wine tanks, side door, top vent, dimple plate South Island contact Ed O'Donn…more


Item ref: 1771
24hl 2700ltr SOLD (Beer Tank)

1 x 24hl, 2700ltr unitank, jacketed, conical bottom, pressure rated, Melbourne, contact Ed O'Donnel…more


Item ref: 1770
3 x 12hl unitank 1500ltr SOLD (Beer Tank)

3 x 12hl unitanks, jacketed, conical bottom, pressure rated, Melbourne contact Ed O'Donnell 0274 4…more


Item ref: 1769
10hl 1200ltr SOLD (Beer Tank)

2015 beer tanks, 10hl 1200ltr ,1.1d x 1.935h, pressure rated, North Island ,drawings avail, contact…more


Item ref: 1768
20hl 2400ltr SOLD (Beer Tank)

SOLD 2015 beer tank, pressure rated, 2400ltr vol, 1.6d x 2h, drawings avail, North Island, contact …more


Item ref: 1767
5 x 10000ltr SOLD (Stainless Steel Tank)

5 x 10,000ltr stainless wine tanks, 2d x 4.32h o/a, single skin, conical bottom, spiral cooling, si…more


Item ref: 1759
Fermenters 1 x 7ton  (Stainless Steel Tank)

1 open top wine fermenters 7t fruit, with cooling, single skin,side door, dimple cooling, steep sl…more


Item ref: 1750
2 x 6200ltr (Wine Tank)

2 x 6200ltr Stainless wine tanks, 1.7d x 3.4h o/a, single skin, spiral cooling, side door, top vent…more


Item ref: 1747
9 x 1300ltr SOLD (Beer Tank)

9 x 1300ltr ex beer tanks, last product wine, 1d x 2h, single skin, top vent, side door, no cooling…more


Item ref: 1740
5000ltr 40HL SOLD (Beer Tank)

SOLD 5000ltr Vol BBT beer tank, (40hl), 2016, 1.7d x 3.2h o/a, rated 2bar, jacketed, Sydney, availa…more


Item ref: 1725
24000 (Stainless Steel Tank)

1 x 24000ltr,2.87d x 4.7h , single skin, lower section insulated, side door, top vent, last product…more


Item ref: 1723
3 x 15000ltr (Wine Tank)

3 x 15000ltr wine tanks, 2.3d x 5.3h o/a, single skin, rectangular door, side door, raised flat flo…more


Item ref: 1718
8 x 13000ltr SOLD (Wine Tank)

2.42d x 4h o/a, barrel, single skin, side door, rectangular door, top manway, flat floor, spiral co…more


Item ref: 1713
2 x 13000ltr ETO1306 & 07 (Stainless Steel Tank)

2 x 13000ltr wine tanks, 2.3d x 3.6h o/a, double skin insulated, plinth mounted, top door only, Haw…more


Item ref: 1711
10 x 12000ltr Wine tanks (Stainless Steel Tank)

10 x 12000ltr wine tanks, 2.2d x 3.7h o/a, single skin, plinth mounted, spiral cooling, side door, …more


Item ref: 1708
11 x 27000ltr 300,000ltr Wine Tanks (Stainless Steel Tank)

11 x 27000ltr identical,3.5d x 3.7h o/a,wine tanks,single skin, flat floor, draining via middle sum…more


Item ref: 1668
700ltr vol SOLD (Unitank)

1 x 700ltr vol unitank,.900d od x 2.35h od ,conical bottom,jacketed, top door, 1.5bar, new unused, …more


Item ref: 1645
1000ltr Kettle (Kettle)

1000ltr kettle 1.25d x 2.030h, new unused with drawings, electric elements, WA contact Ed O'Donnel…more


Item ref: 1617
1 x 25000ltr (Stainless Steel Tank)

D1 25000ltr, 2.4d x 6.5h, single skin, side door, top door, plinth mounted Auckland 02…more


Item ref: 1616
1 x 38900ltr (Stainless Steel Tank)

D2 38900ltr 2.8d x 7h, single skin, side door, top door, plinth mounted, Auckland 0274…more


Item ref: 1615
1 x 23000ltr (Stainless Steel Tank)

F15 2.5d x 6.3h, single skin, side door, top door, plinth mounted Auckland 0274 442 9…more


Item ref: 1614
52000ltr B1 & B2 SOLD (Stainless Steel Tank)

2 x 52000ltr 3.5d x 6.6h single skin side door top door plinth mounted Auckland 0274 …more


Item ref: 1613
1 x 5400ltr 1 x 9400ltr SOLD (Fermenter Tank)

Two conical bottom fermenters NZ SOLD contact Ed O'Donnell 0274 442 944


Item ref: 1556
6 x 108000ltr (Wine Tank)

6 x 108000ltr,4.12d x 8.25barrel plus top door and roof 1.5 Single skin, ( 4 tanks are insulated )…more


Item ref: 1555
6 x 54000ltr (Wine Tank)

6 x 54000ltr, 3.5d x 5.43h plus top door and roof 1.4 Single skin, cooling dimple plates, side do…more


Item ref: 1514
6000ltr S14 (Wine Tank)

6000ltr, 1.5d x 3barrel, legs.500, single skin, side door, Auckland contact Ed 0274 442 944


Item ref: 1513
7000ltr ,F2 (Wine Tank)

6800 - 7000ltr, 1.67d x 3barrel, legs .400, single skin, side door,conical bottom Auckland contact …more


Item ref: 1506
5500ltr ref pved (Wine Tank)

5700ltr, 1.4d x 3.6barrel, conical bottom, side door, top door, Auckland contact Ed 0274 442 944


Item ref: 1480
9000ltr (Wine Tank)

9000ltr 2 d x 3h as new flat floor to front, side manway and top vent Auckland 0274 442 944 ed@obl…more


Item ref: 1381
20,000ltr (Air Receiver Tank)

20,000ltr vessel ex air receiver, 1.9d x 7mtr, 8 bar, serial 78284, inspection report avail, new pl…more