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14 x 6000ltr (Wine Tank)

14 x 6000ltr stainless wine tanks, 1.7 d x 3.55h o/a, single skin, conical bottom, side door, skin …more

10 x 23600ltr
10 x 23600ltr (Wine Tank)

10x 23600ltr , ss tanks, 2.85d x 4.6h o/a, single skin, side door, top door or vent, spiral cooling…more

5 x 24000ltr
24000ltr (Wine Tank)

5 x 24000ltr , 3.2d x 3.65h o/a, single skin, spiral cooling channel top vent, plinth mounted, Has…more

6400ltr ex Wine
6400ltr (Wine Tank)

1 x 6400ltr stainless tank , 2d x 2.3barrel, plus legs 1 mtr, 3.3h o/a, single skin, side door, ski…more

1 x 8245ltr (Wine Tank)

1 x 8245ltr stainless tank 2d x 3.5h o/a, single skin, side door , top door, conical bottom ex Auck…more

4000ltr (Wine Tank)

1 x 4000ltr 1.4d x 2.6barrel, plus legs and top 3.4h o/a, single skin, dimple cooling, insulation, …more

5 x 10000ltr
5 x 10000ltr (Cider)

5 x 10000ltr foodgrade flexi tanks, currently holding Cider 1 x 10000ltr plastic, 2.4d x 3.1h, top…more

6000ltr (Stainless Steel Tank)

6000ltr horizontal, 1.8d x 2.4long, single skin, no cooling, full manway, Ed ODonnell, 0274 442 944…more

24000ltr vol
24000ltr (Stainless Steel Tank)

24000ltr vol, 2.337d x 4.2h overall, single skin, 1/3 insulated, no cooling, side manway, flat floo…more

27000ltr (Stainless Steel Tank)

27000ltr 2.875d x 5h overall, single skin with half insulated, no cooling, side manway,foodgrade ex…more

8000ltr Hot Tank

8000ltr kettle/hot water tank, internal steam coils, insulation jacket, 2.2d x 4h, Christchurch, co…more

4 x 6800ltr
(Beer Tank)

4x6800ltr 1.8d x 3.1h overall, Mercer built, Christchurch contact Ed ODonnell 0274 442 944 ed@ibl.…more

1 x 4700ltr
4700ltr (Wine Tank)

1 x 4700ltr , 1.5d x 2.5barrel + top and legs, single skin, internal cooling ss coils,Auckland Ed O…more

7 x 1200ltr
7 x 1200ltr (Stainless Steel Tank)

7 x 1200ltr ex beer tanks recently used for wine, the average dimensions 1d x 1.9h overall,single s…more

165kltr & 106kltr
165000 & 106000 (Stainless Steel Tank)

1 x 165000ltr 4.35d x 12ho/a, & 1 x 106000 3.65d x 11.5h o/a, both are single skin, plinth mounted,…more

8 x 1200ltr
1200ltr x 8 (Beer Tank)

8 x 1200ltr ex beer tanks, 4 with internal cooling, contact Ed ODonnell 0274 442 944…more

750ltr vol SOLD
700ltr vol SOLD (Unitank)

1 x 700ltr vol unitank,.900d od x 2.35h od ,conical bottom,jacketed, top door, 1.5bar, new unused, …more

4400ltr Fermenter (Beer Tank)

4400ltr fermenter, jacketed, conical bottom, CIP, Melbourne contact Ed O'Donnell 0274 442 944 ed@i…more

14 x 7500ltr with cooling
14 x 7500ltr with cooling SOLD (Stainless Steel Tank)

1 4 x 7500ltr 1.82d x 3.4h o/a, .600 deep conical bottom, single skin, dimple plate cooling, insula…more

6800ltr (Beer Tank)

several 6800ltr vol 1.82d x 3.4h o/a, single skin, side door,beer, located Christchurch contact Ed …more

8000ltr SOLD
8000ltr SOLD (Fermenter Tank)

1 x 8000ltr 2.25d x 1.25barrel + conical 2.55, single skin with dimple plate cooling pads, side doo…more

15000ltr SOLD
15000ltr foodgrade SOLD (Horizontal Tank)

SOLD 1 x 15000ltr ex cider, 2.1w x 5long x 2.7h, Auckland, single skin , end door, contact Ed O'Don…more

2 x 93kltr 1 x 52kltr
2 x 93kltr 1 x 52kltr (Carbon Steel Tank)

2 x 93270ltr & 1 x 52630ltr max hydro fill, ex Shell Tanks with documentation, Wellington, contact …more

1000ltr Kettle WA
1000ltr Kettle (Kettle)

1000ltr kettle 1.25d x 2.030h, new unused with drawings, electric elements, WA contact Ed O'Donnel…more

3 x 10000ltr (Stainless Steel Tank)

3 x 10000ltr, 2d x 3.5h overall includes legs and top, single skin, side door, top door,conical bot…more

1 x 20000ltr
1 x 20000 (Wine Tank)

1 x 20000ltr flexitank with internal cooling (foodgrade plastic) last product Cider located Napier …more

1 x 25000ltr (Stainless Steel Tank)

D1 25000ltr, 2.4d x 6.5h, single skin, side door, top door, plinth mounted Auckland 02…more

1 x 38900ltr (Stainless Steel Tank)

D2 38900ltr 2.8d x 7h, single skin, side door, top door, plinth mounted, Auckland 0274…more

1 x 23000ltr
1 x 23000ltr (Stainless Steel Tank)

F15 2.5d x 6.3h, single skin, side door, top door, plinth mounted Auckland 0274 442 9…more

2 x 52000
52000ltr B1 & B2 (Stainless Steel Tank)

2 x 52000ltr 3.5d x 6.6h single skin side door top door plinth mounted Auckland 0274 …more

3 x 630ltr
1 x 630ltr SOLD (Stainless Steel Tank)

SOLD 1 x 630ltr , .850d x 1.1h plus legs .300, single skin, side door, noth island contact Ed ODonn…more

3 x 7000ltr wine fermenters
3 x 7000ltr wine fermenters (Wine Tank)

3 x 7000ltr (5t) wine fermenters, 2.060d x 3.425h o/a, open top, insulated, dimple plate cooling, H…more

1 x 6000ltr
6000ltr (Stainless Steel Tank)

1 x 6000ltr, 1.8d x 3.5h, single skin, spiral cooling channel, top door, last product cider, Hawkes…more

3 x 3600ltr vol
3 x 3600ltr vol open tops (Wine Tank)

3 x 3600ltr vol open top wine fermenters,1.65d x 1.7barrel + legs .900 with 600w dimple plate cooli…more

6800ltr (Wine Tank)

1 x 6800ltr,1.6d x 3.3barrel + top and legs, single skin , internal ss cooling coils, Waiheke Isla…more

14600ltr SOLD (Wine Tank)

1 x 14600ltr,2.24d x 3.6barrel +top and legs, single skin, internal ss cooling coils, Waiheke Isla…more

9100ltr & 7800ltr SOLD (Stainless Steel Tank)

SOLD 1 x 9100ltr 2.33d x 3.1h, single skin , side door, top vent, no cooling, 1 x 7800ltr 2.33d x 2…more

2 x 108000ltr
2 x 108000ltr (Wine Tank)

2 x 108000ltr,ref GT13 & 14, 4.12d x 8.25barrel plus top door and roof 1.5 Single skin, cooling d…more

1 x 54000ltr
1 x 54000ltr (Wine Tank)

1 x 54000ltr ref GT15, 3.5d x 5.43h plus top door and roof 1.4 Single skin, cooling dimple plates,…more

5300ltr S14
6000ltr S14 (Wine Tank)

6000ltr, 1.5d x 3barrel, legs.500, single skin, side door, Auckland contact Ed 0274 442 944

6500ltr F2
7000ltr ,F2 (Wine Tank)

6800 - 7000ltr, 1.67d x 3barrel, legs .400, single skin, side door,conical bottom Auckland contact …more

5600ltr M3
5600ltr M3 (Wine Tank)

5600ltr, 1.55d x 3barrel, lehs .400, single skin , side door, flat floor, Auckland contact Ed 0274 …more

5700ltr ref pved
5500ltr ref pved (Wine Tank)

5700ltr, 1.4d x 3.6barrel, conical bottom, side door, top door, Auckland contact Ed 0274 442 944

9000ltr F4
9000ltr F4 (Wine Tank)

9000ltr 2d x 2.9h, single skin side door plinth mounted Auckland contact Ed 0274 442 944

9000ltr as new
9000ltr (Wine Tank)

9000ltr 2 d x 3h as new flat floor to front, side manway and top vent Auckland 0274 442 944 ed@obl…more

9100 & 14000ltr
9100 & 14000ltr (Stainless Steel Tank)

1 x 14000ltr 2.4d tall, 2 x 9100ltr 2.4d, 2 x 14000ltr 2.8d fat Waikato, with cooling contact Ed O'…more

21500ltr SOLD
21500ltr SOLD (Dairy Tank)

1 x 21500ltr 3mtr diameter, with cooling, Waikato, contact Ed O'Donnell 0274 442 944

Wine Tanks AU
18000ltr (Stainless Steel Tank)

18000ltr ex wine tanks, with cooling, central coast NSW, available now, contact Ed O'Donnell 64 274…more

16 x 29,287ltr
16 x 29,287ltr Victoria (Wine Tank)

16 x 29,287ltr ( 20tonne red wine tanks) 3d x 4.2h plus legs 1.2 single skin cooling side manway a…more

620ltr stainless
620ltr stainless SOLD (Beer Tank)

SOLD 1 x 620ltr .700d x 1.90h single skin , disg floor, racking valve,new door, fittings and seal (…more