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2 x Meheen M6 NZ
2 Meheen M6

1 x 6 head Meheen 500ml filler, 2015 in near new condition, 1 x 6 head Meheen 330ml filler, 2015 in…more

2 x Meheen 6 head
2 x Meheen 6head 330ml Line NSW

Meheen Q 2013 and L 2009 series M6 filler rated at 1800 BPH each – bottle type OI 30415 ,In-line La…more

Meheen Beer 330&500ml
Meheen & Labeller Hong Kong

2017 Meheen M6 Filler & ML Labeller new located Hong Kong please see specs in the IBL FOR SALE are…more

DFC4 Bottler AU
4 head filler

HDP DFCE Filler,beer, 4bpm, adjustable size currently set for 330ml, 2015 owners moved to canning,…more

4 head filler NZ
4 head filler

4 head filler,CEM, counter pressure, last product Cider bottling, Auckland contact Ed O'Donnell 02…more

Water Line NZ
Water Bottling Line NZ

Water bottling line, including PET blow mould, rinser, filler, labellers, shrink wrap, 2000bph, 20…more

Meheen 6head WA
Beer Bottling Meheen WA

2014 Meheen M6 330ml (roughly 35 hours run time), 2014 In-Line Paradigm 700NW labeller (roughly 20 …more

SOLD Meheen M6 NZ
Beer Bottling Meheen NZ

Meheen rinser filler capper 6head, 2010, with change parts for 330ml and 500ml,& Labeller Note: Thi…more

Wine Bottling AU

GAI Monoblock 12head rinser,1989, 16head filler,Corker Quaglia & Giuso Stelvin Screw Capper, GAI C…more

Wine Bottling NZ

GAI Bottling, •Model 1201 •8 filling head •1 head corker •Sorting table •Conveyor •1200bph 750 ml…more