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Item reference: 1837   10 x 3400ltr NSW (Unitank)

10 x 3400ltr
10 x 3400ltr Unitanks pressure rated 2bar 30hl working 10 x 3,400lt vol, 80mm Insulation, Dimple Plate Cooling Overall Height 4000mm, Leg Height 300mm 45 Degree Cone Diameter 1400mm, Tank Height 3350mm 1 x CIP Sprayball 35mm Feed Line Calibration 300lt to 3,300lt in 10lt Graduations with Sight Glass Dimple Plate starts from cone, Height 1,200mm Oval Manhole Doorway 500mm x 400mm Thermocouple entry to tank 100mm from top of the dimple plate Solenoid control on Pressure with Pressure relief Valve 35mm Racking Valve 100 below the top of the cone 35mm Outlet with Butterfly valve Includes Piping Support Bridge and All piping Manufactured by James Contract Supplies SA 1988, +64 (0) 274 442 944


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