No. 1329 Canning Line Melbourne SOLD

Canning line 6000CPH   SOLD

Palmer canning- has had 3years of use. Located Melbourne Australia

12 head filler, rinser, air dryer, 4head seamer, infeed/outfeed conveyor, accumulation table

Now surplus to requirement, dismantled and packed ready for shipping, Brewer available to discuss technical.

Owners will negotiate to send one of their staff to assist with a few days training as required but subject to any COVID-19 travel restrictions.


  • Ed O'Donnell
  • 0274 442 944


  • 12 head filler, up to 6000 cans per hour
  • 4 head seamer with Angelis seaming tools. Currently set up for Orora ends on 375mL 202 cans.
  • Dissolved oxygen pickup 30-40ppb
  • 230V 3 phase and includes a transformer to bring it down from normal 415V Australian power.
  • Includes conveyor infeed and outfeed, with a decent accumulation table as well.
  • Adjustable actuator for can purge duration.
  • Various CO2 shower options for reducing dissolved oxygen further.
  • Includes can rinser and an air blower to dry.
  • Palmer canning