No. 1318 Bottling Line Beer Melbourne

Bottling Line Beer Melbourne
Machine can be run with 2 trained operators and fill 7000 bottles in an 8hr shift.

Typically run by 3 operators filling 9000 bottles in an 8hr shift.


  • Ed O'Donnell
  • +64 (0) 274 442 944
  • 04 87 26 99 60

Invetnory includes

16 head carbonated beverage filler

  • “Cobert” brand, Italian manufacturer (refurbished)
  • Mechanically actuated
  • Bottle vacuuming and CO2 pre purging
  • Vacuum pump included
  • Capable of filling 2000 330ml bottles per hour

4 head crowner

  • Slave machine to filler, speed controlled by proximity sensors
  • Height adjustable capable of crowning bottles down to 200mm in height. 
  • Recently installed new throats and calibrated crowning pressure. 
  • Sterile water jet attachment to produce foam allow product to be crowned without oxygen in the headspace.

12 head rinser

  • 12 months old, capable of running at 3000 bottles per minute. Fully height adjustable.

Depalletization table

  • Capable of receiving an entire layer of bottles. In-feed controlled by proximity sensors

Post fill rinsing

  • Water jets and air blades ensure undercap is clean and dry to prevent rust or mould buildup

Pack off table

  • 350 bottle capacity.

Comes with replacement parts for components that require routine maintenance.

Utility requirements:

  • Mains water
  • CO2 at 3 bar
  • Compressed air at 6 bar
  • 3 x 32amp 3 phase outlets

Change parts, spares etc