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No. 1317 Beer Filler 110head Sydney

110head beer filler Sydney

  • Bottle Filler  KK KHS Delta F Machine number:  3098/589 Year of Manufacture: 1991
  • Model: SVF 110 Filling Valves 16  Crown cap heads
  • Bottle Sizes processed  0.25 cl to  0.58 cl,   56,5 mm to  72.5 mm
  • Performance/h: 40‘000 Bottles 0.25 to 0.33 cl, 50cl + 58 cl 30‘000 Bottles/h
  • Filler direction : Right to left Control System: Siemens S5 Vacuum Pump included

The filler was well maintained by Heineken. It was professionally decommissioned in Sep 2013, 

packed and shipped to Australia, not unpacked, still in the original boxes.