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No. 1306 2 x Wine Fermenters & other HB tm

Open top Stainless tanks  (ex red wine tanks) Hawkes Bay

9 tanks, catwalk, plunger and tank manager, available now

Last used May  2019 , Inspection welcome by appointment.

20/1/20 items in BLUE available

Contact Industrial Brokers Ltd

Ed O’Donnell Cell 0274 442 944



  • SOLD 9 x 11,000ltr 2.37d x 2.7h barrel plus legs .700, open top, dimple cooling,
  • Sold 1 x 9t 2.36d x 2.42h barrel plus legs .700, open top, dimple cooling
  • 2 x 8tltr 2.2d x 2.4h barrel, plus legs .700, open top, dimple cooling
  • SOLD Alloy Catwalk x approx. 45mtr, 6mtr lths,  2 x sets stairs 3mtr, supports.
  • Pneumatic Plunger
  • SOLD Amron tank fermentation digital controls Amron cooling system Documentation on request
  • SOLD Conveyor Elevator
  • 3m box tapper

All tanks have cooling, 2” keystone valves, thermometer pockets, and sample valves