No. 1283 2500ltr Steam Brewery NZ

2500ltr Steam Brewery New Zealand South island

This substantial brewery has recently closed, the plant and equipment is now surplus to requirement.

We offer the following inventory for sale and removal all in excellent condition includes 40000ltr FV & 30000ltr BBT.

The system is still connected and can be viewed by appointment during business hours.

The owner would prefer to sell as a lot however they will consider substantial part offers.

Contact IBL Ed O’Donnell 0274 442 944   +64 274 442 944

Inventory includes

  • Mill with Auger
  • Mash 1.8d x 3h o/a, 3500ltr vol
  • Kettle 1.7d x 2.65h o/a 3600ltr vol, double skin, internal steam coils
  • Lauter 1.9d x 3.6h o/a 3800ltr vol double skin , screen , side door
  • Whirlpool 1.7d x 1.8h o/a 3000ltr vol, single skin , top door
  • 4 x 10000ltr vol Fermenters 2.1d x 5.5h o/a, 60degree conical bottom, jacket cooling on cone and barrel, top door, FV1.2.3.4
  • 2 x 10000ltr  vol BBT, 2d x 4.3h overall, singles skin , side door, no cooling T1 & T2
  • 2 x 5000ltr vol  BBT, 1.5d x 3.7h o/a, single skin , side door, no cooling, B1 & B4
  • Electric steam boiler Kingsley, 1040kpa
  • Heat exchanger
  • Various Pumps
  • Brewers Platform 9mtr x .900w, catwalk and stairs
  • Fermenters catwalk 9mtr x .900w + spiral stairs 4.3h
  • 200 x 50ltr kegs D stem
  • DE Filter 3sq mtr Velo
  • Keg cleaner
  • Copeland refrigeration
  • All pipe work, spares
  • Numerous various other items
  • Brewhouse footprint 3x 9
  • Overall footprint of internal building 15 x .6.5 x 6.5h
  • Brewhouse , FV, and BBT were built by ANSCO Engineering Nelson
  • FV individual controls can cool to zero
  • HLT not included