No. 1250 Beer Bottling Line SA

Beer Bottling Line SA 

Surplus to requirement December 2017, currently in a U-shaped configuration,4.5m x 5.5m

The Line currently configured for 330ml bottles, can be reconfigured for larger sizes some change parts included for 650ml bottles.

With current feed in/out, the line is  realatively slow 800 bottles per hour with two operators.

Individual machines are capable of faster speeds 2400bph. Inspections welcome by appointment.

Brewer available to discuss techincal. See video fottage below

Contact IBL

  • Ed O’Donnell
  • NZ+64274 442 944 
  • AU 04 8726 9960

Inventory includes


  • 16 Head PPM, currently configured as 12 head 2006
  • Rinse time user configurable.

Filler/Capper: 40bpm

  • 12 Head PPM Evolution Inline Counter Pressure Filler 2006
  • Double pre-evacuation
  • Currently filling beer, suitable for other still or sparkling liquids
  • Single head capper (machine capable of running 2 head capper, parts included to achieve this but some repairs required)
  • Filler capable of around 30 bottles per minute in this configuration, up to around 40 if second capper running.
  • Controls
  • Includes CIP dummy bottles and quantity of spare parts and change parts for 650ml.
  • Carbonated and non-carbonated products

Labeller: 1995

  • Impresstik 2000 VAC
  • Single head
  • Capable of 100 bottles per minute

+All conveyors, motors, vacuum pump included in s




Note NOT INCLUDED - Product pump, compressor, date coder, PRV for filler surge tank, vacuum tank for pre-evacuation (currently using a 50L keg).

  • Air required 25-30 cfm @ 120psi. and run 3 hi-flow regulators to power different sections of the line.