No. 1278 Micro Brewery DME 1200ltr NSW SOLD

DME Micro Brewery 1200ltr Sydney SOLD

Due to expansion and the imminent arrival of a larger brewhouse,

the following plant is available for sale and removal.

Still connected and operating the surplus plant will include

a complete DME brewhouse Mash, Kettle, CLT, HLT, Glycol, plus 3xBBT

(no fermenters are included)

Immediate Inspections are welcome, in particular, while the system is still operating

and prior to dismantle of the system. Brewer is available to discuss operational.


Contact IBL Ed O’Donnell , +61 (0) 4 8726 9960

+64 (0) 274 442 944


Mash Tun & Kettle 2012

  • DME 12hl two vessel (mash/lauter & kettle/whirlpool)
  • Direct fired kettle (gas)
  • Riello 40gas burner
  • Mash Tun (single infusion) fitted with rakes
  • Condenser
  • Grist hydrator
  • 1 x wort pump
  • Control panel
  • Plate heat exchanger (mueller accu-therm)
  • Wort oxygenation assembly
  • Brewer platform


  • 3 x 1200ltr DME bbt
  • Jackets
  • Design registered (NSW work cover)
  • 300kPa pressure rated
  • All fittings (PRV’s, sample ports, carb stones)


  • 1500ltr DME with pump


  • 1500ltr DME electric element
  • With pump

Glycol system working(

  • 1 x 180ltr braton tank
  • 2 x Grundfos pumps
  • 1 x Kerby Commander blue condensing unit (R404A)

(plus a 2nd and spare glycol system same as above can be used for parts)

Spares, pipe work etc