No. 1277 Micro Brewery 350ltr NSW

350ltr Micro Brewery NSW

Now surplus to requirement this electric 350ltr microbrewery is available for sale.

The system has been dismantled and is in storage.

Inspections welcome.


Contact IBL Ed O’Donnell , +61 (0) 4 8726 9960

+64 (0) 274 442 944


Inventory includes

  • Mash/Later (split tank)
  • Kettle electric elements 4 x 24kw
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Controls &  tank manager
  • 4 x Unitanks, jackets,  rated 15psi, .850d x 1.85h
  • 30x 50ltr kegs flat top
  • Cool room 4 x 2
  • All pipe work and spares

Owner notes

The kettle is electric 24 kw with four elements there is a motorised 

Rake in the kettle just like the full sized brewery’s 

The uni tanks are glycol cooled stainless jackets,there is a manway in the top

There are on wheels they are connected to the glycol piping by stainless 

Flexible pipes

Flat top kegs

Cool room is 4 mtr by 2 mtr it contains all the beer delivery fittings as I used this in the bar

The tanks are 880mm Dia and 1850 mm tall 

All the tanks are controlled via the panel and are 380/415 three phase

The brewery was made for us in China in 2009  all stainless is 304